Debunking the "Sinners Prayer"

The "Sinner's Prayer" is a staple in evangelicalism, especially in regards to personal evangelism. But is it Biblical, and if not where did it come from?

You might be surprised to know that the "Sinner's Prayer" is relatively new, and has it's roots in American revivalism.

In this episode I discuss the first characteristic from Bryan Wolfmueller's book Has American Christianity Failed? called "Revivalism."

I also promised to post a link in the show notes that give a detailed history of the prayer. Here's that link.   The link will only take you to part of Paul Chitwood's dissertation on "The Sinner's Prayer." You can download the entire 168 page dissertation in PDF by clicking a link on that same page. 

I'm trying something new. I put time stamps at the bottom of the Spreaker player to make it easier for listeners to find specific section of the episode that might interest them. I have not yet found a way to link them to the player itself so you'll have to scroll through the audio manually. Hope you enjoy!

05:55- I discuss a section of Wolfmueller's book that narrows down the biggest danger of the Sinners Prayer

16:25- Is the Sinners Prayer found anywhere in Scripture? If not, where did it come from? 

27:57- Charles Finney- Dwight L Moody 

35:32- Campus Crusade for Christ: Four Spiritual Laws