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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Great Theological Famine

Steven Long 5/27/12
Did you know that most people who call themselves Christians are theologically void? It's true. Sadly, our nation seems to be experiencing a theological famine that has never been seen beforeā€“at least not in this author's time. I recently posted a theological quiz on this blog just to see how many would take it and what the results would be. I must say that I was somewhat disappointed. Grant it that only four people have taken the quiz the results of the answers were almost unbelievable. On average, only about 30% of the people answered some of the questions correctly while no one scored 100%. The quiz is a mere six questions and they are only simple, theological truths that those who call themselves Christians, who are supposedly devoted followers of Christ, should have no problem answering. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Most disturbing were the questions dealing with sin, Hell, and salvation. Take a look for yourself at the results by clicking the link (Theology Quiz Results) and I challenge you to take the quiz for yourself. Just look for page tab on the menu. If you do bad then let it encourage you to study God's Word more so that you can know and pursue Him. If you do well then be an encouragement to others in your fellowship to study the Word of God more diligently. Let us do what we can do to end this spiritual famine.

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