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Long For Truth: Free Righteousness

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Free Righteousness

The Free Gift of Righteousness

Did you know that God requires perfect obedience to His Law? That almost perfect won't do? We must obey the Law of God perfectly if we are to be saved.

The problem is that no person can obey the Law of God with perfection. We are constantly disobeying His Law every day, and I would even dare to say every moment of every day. Jesus said that we are to love the Lord our God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength. How are you doing with that right this very moment? I know I am failing. And yet it is commanded of us.

Christ calls it the first of the two great commandments. The second, Jesus said is like it, we are to love our neighbor as ourselvef. How did you do with that one today? Not great? Yea, me either. So what can we do? Nothing. We cant do anything. We need a substitute. Someone has to obey the Law of God perfectly for us or we are doomed to judgement.

Thank God there was someone who did that. Jesus became our substitute and obeyed God's Law on our behalf, then died on the cross and took the full wrath of God upon Himself for every time we broke the Law. So perfect obedience to God's Law was provided for us, and punishment for our Law breaking was provided for us. God still demands perfect obedience to His Law but Christ obeyed for us. Now by faith we are given, as a gift, Christ's perfect life long record of obedience. That righteousness is put into our account for free! It is pure GIFT! We do not nor could we ever earn it. His perfect life is counted as our perfect life by faith.


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