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Saturday, September 13, 2014

It's Not a "Mistake"

Why must we always try to redefine it? Why can we never accept it for what it is? Flip Wilson always stated, (though in jest) "The devil made me do it." Past eras have simply blamed it on the old adage, "I can't help it. That's just who I am."

But the modern Evangelical church is the worst! They call it a mistake, a mishap, a screwup, or a fault.

But why can't we just call it what it really is? Better yet, why can't we call it what the Bible calls it?

I'm talking about sin. According to Scripture it is what separates us from God (Isa 59:2), causes eternal death & separation from God (Rom 6:23), and causes God to pour out His wrath upon those who do not bow the knee to His Holy Son (John 3:36).

But most importantly it is what caused God to pour out His wrath upon His one and only Son (Matt 26:28, 1John 2:2).

In it's most basic form sin is the transgressing or a "crossing over" of God's boundaries. It is akin to a one who knows the boundaries of the ocean, yet treads into its waters with no boat, intent on reaching a destination that is not known to him. Eventually, he will drown!

Can we then really call it a mistake? No. A mistake is something that happens when one is not aware of what he is doing. Can we call it a mishap? Again, no. A mishap is something that happens beyond our circumstances or control. A screwup? Maybe. But that doesn't really capture the essence of what it means to violate God's moral and spiritual laws.

It is an ugly thing, this sin. It mocks God's holiness and defiles His commandments. It spits in His face and declares that He is no Sovereign over us, but that we shall have command over our own lives. Sin goes as far as even denying that we are created in His own image, exchanging the glory of the immortal God for our own glory (Rom 1:22).

Perhaps the Church should stop trying to come up with more relevant terms and just use the same definitions that God uses. In the end, it will be a far greater benefit to God's people.

The Great Divine, in Righteousness
to judge with equity
In utter condemnation stood
the Royal Law transgressed 

"Guilty! Guilty!" charged the tells
"What plea ye, oh man?"
But silence on my lips befell
for nought a thing for me to stand

"My goodness" thought I a bit
for surely there was some
But then I glanced His open books
Now, my condemnation done

Upon the ground in front of Him
I fell as though were dead
The only judgment, tis my death 
in death eternal, the Abyss 

In passing moments, sin and bleak
before my weeping eyes
"Mercy! Mercy, on my soul"
"all that I my cry"

"A refuge for thee, have I made"
Oh! Sweet words of grace!
The cross, the refuge, there I looked
and pardon to me there exchanged

The Great Divine, in Righteousness
to judge with equity
the Son, my condemnation took
though, twas me, His Law transgressed

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