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Long For Truth: 5 Things Christians Should Do in Response to the Supreme Court's Ruling on Homosexual Marriage

Saturday, June 27, 2015

5 Things Christians Should Do in Response to the Supreme Court's Ruling on Homosexual Marriage

By now, every blogger in every corner of the Net has either written on or otherwise elaborated on yesterday's history-changing decision of the Supreme Court's ruling on homosexual marriage.  To boot, many Christians have responded with articles and blogposts about how Christians should respond. I don't propose to offer anything new or insightful, or even anything significant. But I would like to offer my two-cents worth on five things that I think that true (and I emphasize that word) Christians can do in response to this ruling.

  1. Focus on the gospel (Rom 1:16, Mt 16:18). Politics will never change hearts and minds. Too many Christians have seemingly equated Christianity with political agendas. Do politicians make evil laws? Yes. Should we be salt and light against these laws? Again, a resounding yes! But to mistakenly believe that somehow Christian politics will cure the root of the problem is a faux belief and should be abandoned.

    But the gospel is different. It reaches a person at the deepest level. It cuts through all of their agendas, hatred, bigotry, and most importantly, it breaks every stronghold in their life, allowing them the freedom from their sin and self-destruction. What a powerful weapon we have in the gospel! It is the same gospel that turned Paul from a Christian-hating mongrel into one of the most beloved and Christian-loving apostles. No wonder Paul stated his unashamedness in the power of the gospel. The gospel raises dead souls to life. And that is what we as Christians need to focus on.
  2. Evangelize (Acts 2:42-47, John 14:6). The one thing that stands out to me in the Acts 2 passage is verse 43, which states, "And awe came upon every soul, and many wonders and signs were being done through the apostles." 

    The preceding verse tells us that the early believers were focused on two things: the apostles' teaching and the fellowship (doctrine & other believers) and prayer and breaking of the bread (supplication/intercession and the Lord's Supper). It's a very simple formula that the modern church needs to repeat once again. They were concerned about learning God's Word and then going to their neighbors and co-workers to share that word with them. It was bathed in fellowship with each other and prayer that was dependent upon the Holy Spirit's power.

    In other words, they were living church rather than playing church. And the result of their genuine efforts was, "And the Lord added to their number day by day those who were being saved."
  3. Stand firm (2Tim 4:2, Eph 6:10-19). The gospel has always been an unpopular message. It is contradictory to the normal pattern of this world. This is why Paul instructed Timothy to continue to preach the Word even when it was unpopular. It is also why he exhorted the Ephesians to take up the whole armor of God.

    Christians, we too must continue to preach the word in season and out of season. Though we may be viewed as "freaks" and out of step with modern society, we must resolve that because God's Word never changes He will accomplish with it that which pleases Him.
  4. Expect retaliation (John 15:18, Mt 5:11). There is one simple point I wanted to make with this one: expect lost people to act like lost people! Scripture clearly tells us that those who are unregenerate are alienated from God and therefore hate Him (John 7:7). Jesus warned His followers that because the world hated Him it would also hate them. Jesus lays this out well in the gospel of John : "If you were of the world, the world would love you as its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you" (John 15:19).

    Expect the persecution to come, my brothers and sisters. Expect that the world will seek your property, your freedom, and maybe even your life.

  5. Remain calm (Psalm 37:7, Psalm 46:10). Don't fret over the High Court's ruling. God is still God and He is still sovereign. David recognized this in both the preceding Psalms and quieted himself with this comfort. Remember that David was continually pursued by his enemies, and even his own son. But God finally gave him rest and brought him to the place that He had promised him. All David needed to do was to wait patiently for the Lord.

     The Lord has promised His people that He will come again and take us home to be with Him and the Father and the Spirit for eternity. He is in the midst of preparing a place for us that we may be forever free from the taint of our own sin and away from the sinfulness of the world into His holy and beautiful presence. Let us comfort one another with this thought. Let us remain calm and wait patiently for that day. 

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