What Modern Youth Group Should Look Like
Steven Long 6/01/12

From the most recent issue of Voice of the Martyrs. Support the persecuted church with your prayers and financial gifts.

Eulalia—A.D. 304

Thirteen-year-old Eulailia yearned to die for Christ. She live in Merida, Spain, during the "Great Persecution," when Christians in the Roman Empire were commanded to sacrifice to the gods or face execution. Eulalia's parents, afraid of what she might do, sent her away from home to live in the coutnryside. But Eulailia's fiery spirit could not be quenched. She escaped the house where she was staying one night and appeared before the Merida tribunal the next morning.

"Ar you not ashamed to cast your own souls and those of others at once into eternal perdition by denying the only true God, the Father of us all, and the Creator of all Christians, that you may put them to death?" Eulalia asked the tribunal. "Behold, here am I, an adversary of your satanical sacrifices. I confess with heart and mouth God alone." She told the tribunal that she would not worship their three pagan gods or the emperor. Enraged, the tribunal judge called an executioner and demanded that Eulalia be tortured. Before the executioner began his work, the judge offered Eulalia freedom from the severe punishment if she would sacrifice to an idol.

The young Christian did not feel the need to respond. She upset the images, altar, censor and sacrificial books that sat on the table before her. Two executioners immediately stripped her and tortured her with hooks and torches.

As she counted the gashes in her body, Eulalia exclaimed, "Behold, Lord Jesus Christ! Thy Name is being written on my body; what great delight it affords me to read these letters, because they are signs of Thy victory! Behold, my purple blood confesses Thy holy Name." She spoke with great happiness and peace; she didn't even seem to feel pain as the blood poured out of her body.

After piercing Eulalia's body repeatedly with their hooks, the executioners applied burning lamps and torches to the wounds in her side and abdomen. Finally, they ignited her hair and she suffocated. Eulalia died loving her Savior more than her own life.

Perhaps our youth should be learning more of this than playing games and listening to "cool" music. I would much rather my children emulate this kind of devotion than trying to be cool for the world.