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Sunday, October 14, 2012

The $65,000,000 Recap
Dan Long 10/13/2012

So yesterday morning at 4:30am I did the $65,000,000 Man podcast. Here is the link to the show, http://www.spreaker.com/user/4903048/the_65_000_000_man.

This episode discusses the $65,000,000 debt of Harvest Bible Chapel under the leadership of Pastor James MacDonald. The information concerning this and other issues such as MacDonald's desire for power, his $500,000 a year salary, and the Elephant Room 2 controversy can be found at The Elephants Debt, http://theelephantsdebt.com/.

The gentlemen that put this website together are former members of Harvest Bible Chapel where James MacDonald pastors. They have done extensive research on these issues, and they post all of their sources in links.

The most disturbing thing to me was one of the comments MacDonald made to the elder board in 2007:

By 2007, as a direct result of the unprecedented debt that had been accumulated under the leadership of James MacDonald, there were significant and routine conflicts occurring between MacDonald and the elder board.  These meetings culminated in a particularly tumultuous confrontation which reportedly functioned as an ultimatum by the elders on MacDonald’s leadership.  At the climax of this meeting, the Senior Pastor of HBC reportedly said something to the effect of:
“If you want to remove me, you’re going to have to sue me to get me out of here.  And gentlemen, I have two things you don’t have: control of the pulpit and the control of the money.  So good luck.”  http://theelephantsdebt.com/the-power/
I also promised that I would post a video of Dr. James White, Phil Johnson, and Carl Truman discussing the Elephant Room Conference in the video entitled "No Compromise Ever Ep. 1.
Here is the link to that video, https://vimeo.com/47844054.

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