God Uses Weak Vessles
Steven Long 4/09/13

At Long for Truth we purpose to stand for the Truth of God's Word no matter the cost. And while we are well below the radar of most, we certainly do take a little flak for for some of the false teachers we unashamedly point out. At times, I have logged onto our e-mail and found a flood of messages from those who hate truth. A few have even gone so far as to write negative reviews of our podcast on iTUnes simply because they could not stand to hear that the people they were following were false teachers.

WE certainly don't claim to have it all together,and we're certainly no professional podcasters; listening to our blunders and stutters will tell you this right away.

This is why I am so grateful that God still uses weak vessels like us to touch other people and expose them to the truth. Below, is one such encouragement from our Facebook page.

Even if this is the only person that God reveals the Truth of His Word to through our podcast we are most thankful. For how could God choose to use two sinful brothers to proclaim His Truth? It is nothing more than pure grace!

Standing for Truth,
Daniel & Steven Long (AKA, The Truth Team)