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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Our President's Cowardice
Steven Long 4/20/13

By now I hope most of us have heard of the Kermit Gosnell trial going on in Philadelphia. It is the most horrific mass murder this country has ever seen. It goes beyond any horror flick you could watch. Wes Craven couldn't have come up with a better script if he had tried.

But the most disturbing thing about this is our president's reaction. He has remained all but silent on this matter. His excuse? Because, in his own words, he could not comment on an ongoing trial . However, he was not so shy to speak up about the Trayvon Martin shooting last February. In fact, he insisted that the local and federal police should come together to find out what had went wrong and stop it from happening again. The two videos below show him speaking on both the Martin and Gosnell incidents.

Though the death of young Martin was certainly a tragedy why should it be more important than the slaughter of innocent children, Mr. President? Why were you so quick to speak out at the Sandy Hook incident but not the Gosnell murders? Are children in the womb any less important than children out of the womb? For more information on this trial take a listen to the latest Long for Truth podcast.

Though none can say for certain his reasons for remaining silent, I must surmise that our president does not want to upset the pro-murder industry. After all, it was Planned Parenthood that highly backed him in his campaign. If this is the case why he has not spoken out harshly against Kermit Gosnell then the only other option I can chalk this up to is plain cowardice!

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