Does My Job Really Matter?

Before the Reformation work was divided into two categories: the sacred and the mundane. There were those who were called to be priests, nuns, and monks. And then there was the rest of humanity. Only those who were the spiritual were the ones who could really do anything "important" for God.
Then came the Reformation. Martin Luther began espousing that there was no difference between those who were called to the ministry and those who were called to be farmers, or housewives, or blacksmiths. Because we as believers are part of the priesthood our vocation is our ministry. This means that when the housewife fulfills her role as such that she doing the work of the Lord. When a truck driver delivers product to customers he is doing the work of the Lord.
Vocation is a calling and Danny & I discussed this in our interview with RJ Grunewald. His webisite is RJ writes extensively on the Doctrine of Vocation.
I hope this episode causes you to see your vocation in new light. Mostly, I hope it encourages you to do your job to the glory of God!