A Church For People Who Don't Like Church
Steven Long July 29

Over the last three posts we have briefly examined the seeker culture and why it is not totally Biblical. As I stated in the first post, their ideas are commendable–a desire to lead others to a saving knowledge of Christ. However, the methods go beyond what should be.

I guess this post could be considered a sort of tie-in with those posts. One of the main strategies of the Seeker church is to start a church for "people who don't like church."

So what are these pastors who conduct church for people who don't like church really doing?

First, remember that the church is supposed to be a community of God's people. I am certainly not opposed to the lost coming into church–by all means, bring them in so that they may be convicted by the preaching of the gospel. But pastors, please do not conduct a service solely revolving around lost people. The church is a corporate gathering of God's people to worship God, not to entertain those who may come in looking for a "cool" place to hang out for a Sunday morning.

Second, those who say they hate church are really saying they hate God's people. 1John 3:14 makes it clear that love for God's people is a clear indication of regeneration. If a person hates being around or in the presence God's people then he/she is probably not a Christian.

Third, those who are unregenerate are enemies of the cross (Phil 3:18) hostile to God (Ro 8:7) and consider the things of God foolishness (1Cor 1:18). They also, being in their dead state, have no spiritual discernment in order to receive truth until God removes the veil from their hearts (1Co 2:14). If this be the case, why then would pastors want to build a service around them?

Fourth, the church's mission is to make disciples (Mt 28:20). Too many pastors are concerned with being "relevant" or "cool" and forget their God-given responsibilities–to equip the saints for the work of the ministry (Eph 4:11-14).

Fifth, the meeting of God's people to worship Him is something of utmost seriousness. God does not allow us to come into His presence any way we choose (John 4:23-24). God gave His people regulations in the Old Testament to worship Him and although we are now living beneath the cross He still desires worship in the Spirit, which lost people cannot do because they do not have the Spirit of God dwelling in them (Ro 8:4).

The entire idea of a church for people who hate church is non-Biblical. If church is a gathering of God's people than to conduct services for any other purpose or motive goes against the clear teaching of Scripture. Keep this in mind the next time you are tempted to coddle the lost rather than preach the Life-giving Words that can save them.