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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Raggedy Andy's (Stanley) High View of Culture & Happiness
Steven Long 06/02/13

Here is the recap and links from tonight's L4T podcast. All media, articles, and links referred to in the podcast will be posted at the end of this article.

Our episode of L4T focused on pastor Andy Stanely of North Point Church in Atlanta, GA. He recently landed in hot water when he appeared on an interview with Jeff Henderson of Preaching Rocket. Henderson asked Stanley on his views about the Adam and Eve and Creation accounts. Stanley started talking and stepped in it all the way through the interview. His statements about not Believing the Bible because of what the Bible said but only what Jesus said about the Bible will probably leave you scratching your head saying, "Hugh?" It did for us, anyway.

We also looked at an article by Carl Trueman of the Reformation 21 blog. The article examined Stanley's book Deep and Wide: Creating Churches Unchurched People Love to Attend. Stanley mourns the way Evangelicals are seeking truth regardless that culture is not. His idea of the direction that Church should take is absolutely repulsive. But instead of giving you the entire skinny in this short snippet view of the podcast I'll just post all the links below so you can check out Raggedy Andy in all his glory!

Video of Stanley and Henderson.

Article by Carl Trueman.

Northpoint Church singing Ozzy Ozbourne's Crazy Train.

Fighting for the Faith podcast (Chris Rosebrough) 

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