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Long For Truth: The Legal Demands Of The Law Have Been Canceled

Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Legal Demands Of The Law Have Been Canceled

As I am studying the book of Colossians the thing that sticks out to me the most is the absolute freeness of the Gospel. Salvation is completely and totally free! Completely free because God did all the work required of us for us. And totally free because because the legal demands of the Law were nailed to the cross.

Christ pursues sinners

This is good news because our works are filthy and tainted with sin. And yet God loves sinners! As a matter of fact, sinners are the only ones who qualify for salvation. Sinners owe a great debt to God. The demands of His Law require perfect obedience. But God in His great love for His own sent a Worker for them. This Worker kept all of the demands of the Law. Then He went to the cross and bore the sins of all who will ever trust in his grace. He absorbed every bit of the wrath due to us for every time we violated His Law.

Canceled debt

Our debt was cancelled! The legal demands of the Law were nailed to the cross! Now through faith in the work of the Worker our sins are forgiven. We are now free to obey the Law of Christ without fear of punishment for our failures. The legal demands of the Law have been cancelled. Let us serve Christ now in freedom!



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