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Friday, August 3, 2012

If the World Hates You...And It Does
Steven Long 8-03-12

I was recently involved in an online conversation about the new Target Registry ad featuring two gay men on the cover. My wife saw the ad and decided to comment on Target's wall that she would no longer be shopping there. The hate speech flowed from that comment. I felt obligated as a husband and Christian to step in and support my wife. After 151 comments (only three of us, that I am aware of, opposed the homosexual agenda), I finally called it quits. (here is the link to the entire conversation: Target Conversation)

There were two major arguments that were present throughout the thread. The first were those who swore that the Bible did not condemn homosexuality and that Jesus only preached love and tolerance. Things like, "God loves us all," or "We are all God's children" popped up over and over. The only problem was that there were never any verses that were quoted and if they were, were grossly stripped out of the original context.

The second argument was pure emotionalism. It seemed that people, despite the fact that the Bible was quoted (in proper context, I might add) still chose to ignore the facts that were in black and white and continued to argue based on how they felt, rather than from logical thinking.

But the one thing that was most astonishing was the vile, vicious comments that appeared. The very ones posting about tolerance for everyone were spewing their hatred to those of us that opposed their own beliefs. Below is a screen shot of some of the conversation that took place. (warning: some of the language in the thread was awful. Just a head's up).

Note the Justin's comment in the first screenshot. He was one of the ones throughout the entire thread that preached acceptance and "tolerance" for all people. Yet, here he is wishing death upon me and my family. He also commented that he hoped that our children turned out gay.

All of this is reminds me of Jesus' words in John 15:18–"If the world hates you know that it has hated Me before it hated you."

Keep on standing for Truth and keep on fighting the good fight no matter how many people hate you.

Striving for Truth,


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